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Pillow and Blanket on Couch

Whether you are suffering from stress or sadness, anxiety or anger, confusion or criticism, talking about it helps.  There's a reason why therapy is commonly called the "talking cure."  Just the process of putting words to what you're feeling is healing.  And yet, finding someone in your life trustworthy and kind enough to share your feelings with is challenging for most people.  I am a well-trained, licensed therapist who offers compassion in a context that protects confidentiality. This ensures a hospitable and safe environment for you to begin the work of healing and transformation. 


Once a safe environment has been established and the talking has begun, the next key ​component is having someone who listens well.  My primary job is to listen closely to what you are trying to convey in an effort to accurately understand you and your situation.  Only after you feel you have been heard and understood will I be able to offer insight through validation, reflection, organization and interpretation. 


We work as a team to understand the difficulty together and then explore new ways of thinking, feeling and living that will bring about the insight, healing, transformation and growth you are searching for.  I look forward to working with you.


Certified as a PACT Level I and Gottman Level I clinician, I use evidence-based treatments to empower you and your partner with the tools you need to navigate the often difficult relational terrain of expressing emotions, hearing clearly through conflict, and establishing patterns of engagement that create a secure-functioning relationship.


Let's get you seeing, talking and understanding one another right away.  Our work together is meant to increase your capacity to read moment-to-moment shifts in your partner's face, body, and voice, and asks that you to pay close attention to these as a couple.  In our time together, we work with experiences troubling your relationship and help you work through them in real time during the session.

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