My task as your supervisor is to listen deeply; to hear and contain what you are saying, feeling, needing.  From there, I work to organize what is happening for you in a way that will be helpful to understand yourself as a therapist.  From there, we can work together to strategize how to move forward practically with clients.  

To understand how I work it might be helpful to see how I interact with client material in a didactic setting.  Following a brief introduction, this video jumps right in to a teaching I gave during Symposia 2016 at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology called "Metaphor in Psychotherapy: A Bridge Between Thinking & Feeling."






Old Study

At this time, I am only providing supervision to those employed with my group practice at Hive & Honeycomb Counseling.  We are hiring, so reach out and let me know your interest.  I'd love to see if it could be a good opportunity for us to work together.